On this page you will find information about the type of visa and visa application requirements for travel to Afghanistan. Please look over the instructions, complete the form with the correct information, and then visit Embassy with the required attachments in person.




  1. One visa application form fully completed (see above link)
  2. One recent passport-size photo (see above link)
  3. Original passport with at least one year validity remaining and one blank visa page.
  4. One letter of introduction (see below list) -OR- a visa invitation fax number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, Afghanistan



  1. If employment is the purpose of your visit, an official letter of introduction from your employer, sponsoring government or organization stating the purpose and duration of your trip is required. In individual cases, you may be required to provide additional documents.
  2. For official visits, please contact your employer to send a letter of introduction with the details of the purpose of your visit to Afghanistan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, Afghanistan who will then send us authorization of issuance of a visa.
  3. If visiting family or friends, please write a letter of introduction stating whom you intend to visit in Afghanistan.
  4. If tourism is the purpose of your visit, please state in detail the nature of your tour and places you intend to travel in Afghanistan.
  5. Media personnel/journalists are required to provide an introduction letter stating the purpose, duration and places they intend to visit in Afghanistan. (Media journalists must contact the Press Office of the Directorate of Media Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at: Char-rah e Malik Asghar, Shah Mahmood Ghazi Wat, Kabul, Afghanistan
  6. Only those foreign nationals who have entered Afghanistan on an Entry Visa or a Work Visa are eligible to work. This category of individuals must obtain a work permit from relevant agencies after entry to Afghanistan. Applicants applying for a work visa should be below the age of retirement (65) and must provide invitation or introduction letter from the employer in Afghanistan (including passport information, purpose of travel and duration of stay of the applicant). Additionally, they should also have a confirmation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  7. Those who intend to travel to Afghanistan for investment and business purposes can apply for an Afghan Business Visa by providing the following documentation an introduction or permission letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, or other related official bodies
  8. Applicants for an Afghan visa, regardless of the type of visa, are required to obey the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
  9. It should be understood that a visa is not considered to be a right, and if individuals are not found eligible or do not have adequate supporting documents, issuance of visas will be denied or suspended without provision of any further clarification.